Sunday, October 22, 2017

Henderson Bird Preserve - Oct 21, 2017

Saturday October 21 for our field trip we went to Henderson Bird Preserve. This is about a 50 min. drive from Summerlin and well worth it.

We met at 6:00 am while it was still dark and cold and drove to the bird preserve. We arrived there at a beautiful time with the sun just coming up. 

There are seven pools with which to walk around. Some are paved for people needing wheelchairs but most are dirt. It is very peaceful to see the different ponds and to hear and see the birds flying. 

The preserve has viewing areas that are structured above the ponds so one can observe the birds without disturbing. One structure is a wooden walkway structured over a marshy area to see the birds close in. There are benches along the paths to quietly observe. 

Later in the morning the sun was out and warmed us. We took off our jackets and seized the moment.

Click here for album.

Dale Kavula

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