Thursday, June 15, 2017

Studio Practice

Lighting set up
Our studio shoot was a fun shoot.  Just two of us were there but it gave us a chance to use our beautiful mannnequin. This is a great opportunity to practice with our available lights.  The reason for the mask is what was left over from past shoots and the only one that had hair, as we did not have a wig.  We wanted to set a hair light to shine through for highlights plus other lights to produce shadows.

If there is enough interest in the studio, we would like to buy and set up newer equipment and make it available to photograph our Sun City events such as anniversaries, birthdays, grandkids, pets etc. for a small donation.  As we all know practice makes better photos and hopefully keep us from being intimidated with a studio set up.  She is a full size and can be dressed with whatever theme you want other than Halloween. This is a great opportunity to practice lighting to achieve what effects you want.  Visit our studio and see what You can do.  We need to name our mannequin.
                                                                                                Dale Kavula

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  1. Interested in studio photography? It's all about the lighting. Visit YouTube and search for Portrait Photography for myriad short videos on lighting. Here's one I just found ( and added to our library below.