Thursday, February 2, 2017

Agenda 2/9/17 Meeting

Photography Club Member Meeting Agenda
·         Opening and greeting & recognition of guests
·         Announcements and club business
o   Membership Report by Secretary
o   Financial Report by Treasurer
o   Refreshments Coordinator (Sue Stevens): who is bringing refreshments to next month's meeting?
o   Reminder to bring RECENT (last 4 months) photos you'd like to share/discuss with group
o   Other?
·         Field Trip Coordinator Report (Dianne Frankenfield):
o   Next month's field trip is Wildflowers, location tbd. Don Leheup has agreed to coordinate the trip.
o   Presentation by attendees of most recent field trip
·         Break and voting on monthly theme picture -- CRITTERS
·         Theme Competition & Announcement of Upcoming Theme:
o   March = MOTION.
o   Announcement of winner(s) for CRITTERS
·         Tech Time (Dennis F.) –Adding pictures to the club’s online photo album.
·         Techniques and Tips:
o   Joshua Cripps: 7 Powerful Photography Tips for Amazing Photos
o   Cooperative of Photography 7 Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks
·         Show & Tell – RECENT (last 4 months) non Theme photos, members bring photos for sharing, critique or as instructional material.
·         Other business

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