Friday, February 11, 2022

3-D Photography with Larry Kaufman

Amazing 3D Imagery

Presented by Larry Kaufman

How would you like to be scared out of your wits at age 8, sitting in a truer-than-life 3D movie?

That's what happened to Larry Kaufman in 1953 when his mom took him to see "The House of Wax" with a Viewmaster. Although it was a horrifying intro to 3D for a young boy, it must have made a deep impression on him.

Several years ago, while reading about the Civil War, Larry discovered that at least 70% of all the pictures taken during the Civil War in the 1860s were taken in 3D. Ten years ago many TVs included a 3D component, due to the popularity of the 3D movie "Avatar." Larry purchased one of those TVs. Later he bought a used Fuji 3D digital camera on Ebay (he has a collection of antique cameras). 

Larry's presentation for the Photography Club will give a brief history of 3D as well as examples of pictures in the various methods of presenting 3D. He will then demo how to take 3D on any camera you have as well as on your smart phone. Additionally, he will bring books, cameras and viewers for a "show and tell" segment.

Who would have expected the old scary "House of Wax" movie to lead to this bonus for our club?

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