Friday, September 10, 2021

210909 SCS Photography Club Meeting Minutes

*Helen - Welcomed all then let new people introduced themselves. Masks are worn during live meeting. Not recorded.

*Norm - Introduced our speaker James Melvin Phelps, Topic "Southwest Wildlife, Landscape and Nature Photography". James began with  best times to photograph  - "Blue" hour and "Golden hour" - (They occur in the hour before the sun rises(blue) and after (golden), opposite in the evening - an hour before the sun sets (golden) and after (blue). These are the four times a day when the light is just right for taking photographs outdoors.) Technically: Uses RAW/jpeg, Canon 100-1400 and 70- 200. Tripod use 99%, Fast shutter speed, ISO 800-3200. In post processing he adapts his photos with "Topaz", "Photoshop" and Lightroom Photography Apps. He uses lenses: 18-35, 24-70, 24-105, 70- 200, wildlife 70-200, 100-400. Carbon filters used. He gets ready before a shoot, batteries all charged, etc. Plan ahead, get organized, have all equipment ready to go night before .He uses "Western Digital" Hard drive to store his photos. Amazon Photos is free. He discussed and showed Bighorn Sheep, National Wildlife Refuge animals, Wild horses, Lake Mead Nat. Rec Areas, Henderson Bird Sanctuary and Wildlife Preserve - go early! Wee Thumb/ Joshua Tree Wilderness, Gold Butte, Cathedral Gorge State Park and Seven Magic Mountains south of Las Vegas. James gave us lots of places to go and education to enhance our photography! This is just a tip of what his program was about, beautiful photographs of Nevada area and animals.

*Don - Certificate of Appreciation given to James Melvin Phelps, wonderful program!

*Quick Bytes by Marc Wiseman - "Differences between RAW and jpeg". There are key advantages and challenges to each. The RAW image is minimally processed data from the digital camera's sensor. The jpeg (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is an image compression to store digital photos. The decision to shoot in RAW or jpeg depends on how you use your images. RAW - creative flexibility, maintains quality after processing, editing for professional use, needs more work during editing, sharpness, contrast is totally possible, occupies more space, not for social media. JPEG compression comes at a loss of quality, processed by the camera, occupies less space, reducing the sharpness, contrast, brightness is not possible. Use jpeg for online sharing, printing, email, transfers and storing on
computer, SD card. It is a personal preference.

        BREAK - Refreshments brought by J, Filangeri.

*Dennis - Photo Album by members - Theme "Travel Photos including People". Many photos of Paris, Vienna, Iceland, England, Prague, Ireland and Nevada. All beautiful!! Photoclub Financials.
*Diane - Program Updates - Next Month - October 14, 21 at 7PM Desert Vista and Zoom. Allen Duff will do "Constructive Critique Session" - Members to submit digital photos to Diane for Allen to evaluate/critique. Quick Bytes by Sue Sanders on "Snapseed App". Photo Album Theme - Wildlife, Landscape and Nature Photography.

*Club Business - Tomorrow online instructions will be posted on sending digital photos to Diane by Sept. 30th, 21. Norm inviting members to participate in video presentation about SCS Clubs, contact Norm for info. Don - Photo Display - Members to bring a matted photo each month to display in our Photo Studio Window- Be sure to go by and see the display! Norm - New equipment for club - HP Laptop was purchased for use each month rather than using members laptop. Need improvement on speakers - was difficult to hear tonight's speaker and members on zoom.

8:50 PM Thanks to all! Meeting end. Members Attending Total 19, (3 on ZOOM and 16 in DV).
H. Delahunt, Sec.

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