Wednesday, August 4, 2021

SCS Photography Club Board Meeting Minutes 08.04.21

09:30 am - 10:15 am on ZOOM (Not Recorded)
Board Members Attending - Norm W., Dennis F, Don L, Diane F, Helen D.
Organize agenda for August 12th, Club Meeting, at Desert Vista and on Zoom.

   *Norm- Welcome
     Masks are to be worn during each meeting, please speak up, slow down to be heard.
   *Norm Wright - Guest Speaker - Topic - "Photographing People Around the World".
   *Don Le Heup - Certificate of Appreciation given to Norm.
   *Dennis - Financial Update. "Sharing Techniques" Photo Album by members.

   *Dennis - Post Processing Information on our own website.
BREAK - Snacks brought by J. Filangeri

  *Diane - Program Updates: Next month - September 9th, 21. Guest Speaker - James Marvin Phelps,          Topic - "Southwest Wildlife/Landscape and Nature Photography". Quick Bytes by Marc Wiseman -      "Differences between RAW and jpeg". PhotoTheme -"Travel Photos including People".
   *Club Business - Photo Studio Glass Window - Members are to bring a favorite matted photo to be             placed in Studio window for one month. Don LeHeup has voluntered to take charge of receiving,         displaying, rotating and returning each photo, monthly, at our club meeting.
   *Elections! Coming in November! Please let board members know if you are interested in getting                 involved in the fun part of the club! Organizing, decision-making, planning programs, etc.
   * Questions or Suggestions?
   *Thank you for coming! See you next month! End of  Club Meeting.

Discussion : How did our last meeting go? Computer and speaker problems. Ways to improve; Norm to contact DV Tech before meeting to set up speakers, microphones. Holiday Party - to early to make plans.
10:15am Close of Board Meeting H. Delahunt Sec.

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