Thursday, May 13, 2021

SCS Photography Club Monthly Meeting Minutes 05.13.21


Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: d3r@?Y^D         


  • Norm - Welcome
  • Diane - Introduction of Russ Colletta, Professional Photographer. Presentation on " Vast, Diverse Nevada Outback". Russ went through the organizing part of his photography trips. Starting with planning your route, getting information, packing and bringing plenty of supplies, etc, right vehicle, and Safety first - share intineraries before going and be prepared for unexpected obstacles. Russ was able to share photos of Nevada, stage coach stations, ghost towns and lots of abandoned mining areas. He really motivated us to get out and explore new places in remote Nevada! Be sure to review this recorded session to learn about the history and adventure of Nevada! Very interesting!
  • Diane - Certificate of Appreciation given to Russ Colletta for his presentation.
  • Dennis - Financials displayed, Update on Post Processing Software use by members.

Dennis - Desert Landscape Album submitted by members : Goblin Valley, UT, Ruby Mtns Road, Nivloc Mine Tressel, NV, (Black/White), Clouds and Cactus, Cold Creek, NV, (Black/White), Joshua Tree at sunset, NV, Sedona Mtns, AZ, Charcoal Ovens, Ely, NV, Monument Valley, UT, 3 Sisters in Monument Valley, UT, Death Valley, CA and AZ, Kyle Canyon - slot canyons, NV, Ash Springs, Calico Basin, NV, Goldfield cemetary, NV, Crashed airplane near Beatty, Potisei Mts, near Good springs, NV. Really unique desert landscape photos, very good!!
  • Diane - Program for Next Month - June 10th - Larry Hanna "Photographing Food using Natural Light", Photo Album Theme will be Nevada Images. Quick Bytes by Norm Wright Using Clone Stamp Tools"
  • Quick Bytes by Diane Frankenfield - "Sky Replacement in Luminar". Diane using Luminal (photo editing application) showed how to change skies differently, from placing clouds, Milky way, even a rocket replacing the blue sky in an image. fun!
  • Info : Don Le Heup is finding wildflowers in higher elevation. Helen D .noted a Lunar Eclipse will be May 26, 21 between 1-4am. A Solar Eclipse will be June 10th, 21.
  • Meeting closed 8:45PM   H. Delahunt Sec.