Friday, April 9, 2021

The Vast, Diverse Nevada Outback

 Photo Club Program Announcement for May 13, 2021

Program Title: The Vast, Diverse Nevada Outback

Guest Speaker:  Russ Colletta

Program Description:

I love how photography constantly provides the motivation to get out and explore and experience new places, as well as the opportunity to expand our photographic vision and skills.  A couple of years ago I began exploring abandoned places in some of the most remote locations in our state.  I'll talk about what to expect and how to prepare for this type of photography, as well as the kind of images you can expect to capture. The level of adventure can vary from tame to pretty exhilarating.

Guest Speaker Bio:

Many, many years ago I was approaching completion of my undergraduate college degree at UNLV, but needed three additional credits in the humanities to fulfill the requirements.  While searching for classes to take, a friend noticed a photography class that would fulfill the requirement, so I enrolled in the course.  It was a classic case of "the rest is history" because I have been "hooked" on photography ever since.   Since that time, I have taken additional courses, completed study on my own, and attended workshops conducted by Galen Rowell, Art Wolf, Justin Black and others.  I have won awards in juried shows in Nevada and Colorado and have had images published in local and regional publications.  I also taught photography for a number of years as an adjunct instructor at the Yerington Campus of Western Nevada College.  I have lived in northern and Southern Nevada, as well as Colorado, and love exploring the diverse, richly scenic wonders of the natural world.  But I still haven't made that one, perfect image.  That quest will likely never end.

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