Thursday, March 11, 2021

SCS Photography Club Monthly Minutes 03.11.21

7pm     Zoom       RECORDED:  

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  • Norm - Welcomed group!
  • Diane - Introduction of guest speaker : Alyce Bender, A Tamron USA Ambassador, Professional Photographer, her work has been recognized nationally and internationally. Topic tonight - "Wildflower Photography - Capturing Seasonal Beauty".
  • "Wildflowers seasonally bloom and fade, often quickly." Tonight Bender spoke of finding the path to better wildflower images. When to go, how to find wildflowers, Gear selection, Compositions, Choosing settings, Creative Techniques, and Field Ethics. This was a complete tutorial with many images. Please review this excellent program, which was recorded on our website for members! Bender referred 2 websites that are excellent resources for wildflower searches. 1. and 2. Here is her website :
  • Diane - Certificate of Appreciation given to A. Bender for her great presentation!
  • Dennis - Cell Phone Album Photos submitted by members were shown, from CA, UT, NV.
  • Dennis - Survey of Software Information - this survey is to find out what kind of software our members are using, to enhance education for members. 
  • Dennis - Financials:
  • Diane - Program Update - Next Month's April 8th Speaker will be Nic Stover, "Photographic Exploration of the Desert Southwest".  Quick Bytes by Sue Stevens "Converting a photo to Black and White in Lightroom".
  • Diane - Next month's Photo Album Theme is "Wildflower Images".
  • Norm & Dennis - Discussed from last month topic on "Photoclub Media", Photos limited to 1 or 2 by each member.
  • Quick Bytes by Dale Kavula was unable to connect tonight - she is scheduled to review "Luminar" in our August meeting.
  • Thanks to all! See you next month! Stay healthy and safe!
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  • Meeting close.     

H. Delahunt, Sec.