Thursday, January 14, 2021

SCS Photography Club Meeting Minutes 01.14.21

On Zoom 7:00pm to 8:50pm RECORDED

Norm - Welcomed group!

Diane - Introduced Speaker: Kah-Wai Lin "The Art of Landscape Photography."
He is an internationally recognized photographer, has won many awards, Photos of Diverse and remote world wide places. He has his own camera store in New Jersey. He is able to take 30 tours a year with groups of about 10 photographers all over the world. Visit his website ( for information and to view his beautiful photography.

Here are some tips, highlights, information, and be sure to see his Norway photography! "What is Landscape Photography"? Usually it captures nature, man-made features, and disturbances of nature. astrophotography too! Light and Composition are #1 and 2 in getting a good or bad effects.
Basic camera techniques, tripod, right place, right time, early morning, evening. Look for "The Art of Seeing the Unseen". Capture the moment, sometimes random, sometimes surprising with changes in weather that may determine how the light impacts the image. Golden Hour, Blue Hour, - before and after sunset is called the "Magic Hour". Uses a tripod for Long Exposures to create emotion, and contrast. Wide angle lenses used for details, textures, patterns, lines, composure and color. Rule of thirds used often to make image creative, interesting. Another element used is "Less is More" - meaning balance determines the frame, add or substract an element to "Create a Story" within the image. Kah-Wai Lin gave us many substantial tips for our own Landscape Photography. He uses Post Processing with Photoshop mostly. He is on facebook for those who want to check his unique photography online.
This was a great, professional and educational program!

Diane - Certificate of Appreciation given for this excellent presentation.

Dennis - Treasurer's Report shown. No dues this year for all current members. New members will pay the normal $10. fee.

Dennis - Holiday Album Review by members: Many lovely Holiday Photos were shown and discussed by those that submitted them to the Holiday Album.

Norm -Our SCS Virtual Photography Show is online starting January 15th, 2021 to January 30th, 2021. We have over 70 beautiful photographs to be displayed this year. Sue Stevens and Norm worked to place music to the Virtual Show. Be sure to check it out with and without music. The "Link" has put our club in a 2-page "Club Spotlight"spread for January with a great article by Norm - photos chosen by the Link. Here is the link for our Virtual Photo Show :

Quick Bytes - by Marc Wiseman - "Brightness and Contrast using Lightroom". Marc was able to show color, contrast, & features on the Lightroom screen. 'Walking trail with his dog" photo was shown to enhance the brightness, color and overall apperance. Dennis stated that Lightroom uses less memory than Photoshop on our computers.

Diane - Next Month Speaker - Sue Stevens Presenting "Editing Photos on your iPhone - Using Snapseed", Marc Wiseman will be doing Quick Bytes - "Histograms, Lightroom or Photoshop?"

Next months photo theme will be "Landscapes" - place in the Landscape Album!

Noted:_ Cost Co is ending their photo processing by Feb 14th, 21. Other places that we may use - Walmart, Walgreens, Camera stores, online, Google services.

Norm shared that Covid-19 cases in our zipcode is now 89 cases! Stay Safe be Healthy!
Attending members - 16

Meeting ending 8:50pm H. Delahunt, Sec.

Topic: Jan 14 2021 - Art of Landscape Photography
Start Time : Jan 14, 2021 06:42 PM

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