Thursday, August 6, 2020

SCS Photography Club Board Minutes 08.06.20

On Zoom - 09:40 am Attending : Norm W, Dennis F, Diane F, Helen D.
Meeting to finalize Agenda for meeting club on 08.13.20
Open Club Meeting at 6:30pm for member chat. 7pm start Meeting
Norm - Welcome / Zoom issues
Diane - Introduce Presentation Speaker: Allan Duff, who is a member of the Nevada Camera Club and has served as one of their photo judges for their monthly competitions for several years.
                    Constructive Critique Session
                    Certificate given
Dennis - Vacation Photos Album – Members will have a chance to discuss each photo submitted!
Diane - Next Month Meeting - September 10th, 20
            Sue Stevens will present Westcoast Wildlife Photos
Above Agenda finalized
Discussion:  Noted - “SCS Living” is showing our members photos each month!
                       Thanks to J.Filangeri, Norm W for making them available. 
Diane - Future Programs :
          October 8, 20 -I-Phone Photography by Robert McCandlish
          November 12, 20 Nancy Sexton will present a Travelog
          December 10, 20 Holiday Party
          January 14, 21 Art of Landscape Photography - Kah-Wai Win 
Decided  - To have monthly board meetings one week before our regular club meeting to finalize each agenda, changes in program, other issues. This was agreed on by board members present. Dennis will set up each meeting on Zoom!
Diane to review photo interest survey for our members. May use “Forum” on our webpage.  Board Meeting end 10:33am.                         H. Delahunt Secretary


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