Tuesday, May 5, 2020

200514 Virtual Presentation - Cityscapes

Cityscapes - a Virtual Presentation

Since we aren't sure if Sun City will be allowing in-person meetings during May, our monthly meeting for May will be a Zoom session!  We are trying this new technology in an effort to safely keep connected and continue our learning experiences.  You may have participated in a Zoom session for another group. If not, we think you will find it easy to join and participate!

Norm will be sending all the members a link to use to connect and virtually "attend" this session.


Guest Speaker - Tom Rappath
Topic - Cityscapes
When: Thursday, May 14, 2020, 7pm

Tom will be presenting a slideshow of a collection of cityscape images with examples from Las Vegas and other locations in Europe and Asia  The focus will be on the challenges/decisions encountered in Image creation and answering any questions that may arise.  

Our photo challenge for June will be, guess what, Cityscapes!  You'll have an opportunity to take some tips/ideas from Tom's presentation as you create your special "Cityscape" photo!

Speaker Bio

Tom Rappath is currently retired from 40+ years in the computer/communications business and lives with his wife, Karen, in Sun City Summerlin. Tom’s involvement with photography began in the late 1980’s with film cameras and increased with the advent of digital tools allowing the photographer greater ability to control the entire photographic process … from capture to print. His main interests are in the area of landscape/cityscape.  He is currently a member of the Las Vegas West Side Camera club and distributing his energies between new projects, curating his image collection and creating quality prints.

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