Sunday, January 12, 2020

200109-Meeting Minutes

Sun City Photography Club Minutes, General Meeting, January 9th, 2020,  Desert Vista

Norm opened the meeting at 7 pm and led the pledge . We welcomed 5 new members and guests.

Members present: 25
Membership to date: 57 (including 2019 members)

Financial/Treasurer's report 2019:
Income $982
Expenses $581
Cash & Checking $1,924


    "FOOD Photography"- our speaker : ME Chidiac, professional photographer x 25 years, now living in Sun City, she is a member of our club and has years of experience in food photography and wildlife photography while living in middle east and"all over". Here are some highlights:
"Have a plan! Check backdrop/color/angles/camera settings and lighting. Set up your site/subject/food/props before shooting. Remember that Light is very important. May use Bright/Muted/Reflective lights, all types used depending on what you want to project.. Keeping each shot/dish/set up as clean as possible can make the shot! Small tools; q-tips, sm brushes used to keep shot perfect.  Spray oil can be used to make subject appear wet or give shine. Molasses can be used to make food/meat look tempting. Do Not Eat what you are photographing! Go slow, take your time, don't get in a rush..... use several angles to get the shot right. Equipment: tripod a must, ladders too. Tell a story about the food pictured, maybe the fabric under the food can tell the story. I don't use flash, I like to use reflectors to get rid of shadows, try different types to get the look you want. Now... enjoy and try to get a great food shot."

    Dennis and Norm gave a brief discussion about our website and all the FABULOUS tutorials and learning options to be taken advantage of by our members. Encouraged members to do so.

    Norm discussed the "Apple Store Cell Phone Class" by Apple. The date will be coordinated and confirmed by Norm, possibly a Saturday in March.He will followup and let us know by next meeting.

   ME Chidiac stated that a great place to photograph animals would be "The Farm" by Gilcrest N LV, lots of barnyard animals, wide variety, minimal cost............

    Dale K.  reported results of what was of interest to the photography club members for photo shoots for 2020. Most members would like to go every other month..............

    Diane F. discussed the "Scavenger Hunt" we are doing this Saturday January 11th, 2020. All who signed up will be contacted by 7 am Saturday to get the List-we have until 4pm to bring in to Diane the sd card of the camera to the Photo Studio at Desert Vista. Our pictures will be judged by several Nevada Camera Club Members.  "Try to be creative!"  Judging will be; Best Picture, Best Overall Picture with Prizes to be given at next month's meeting

    Norm discussed the waste of older photos....just getting trashed. Instead of being shared and saved
by scanning. Archive photos to keep instead of sending them to the trash, He would like our club to buy a scanner to be kept in the photo studio. He encouraged group to archive photos for the future............

Refreshments by J. Filangeri

Photo Competition was "Holidays". 1st place was J. Filangeri.  2nd place was Dean Otteson, 3rd place was Helen Delahunt. These photos will be on display in the Photo Studio window for the month.

Next month Theme is "Food". Next Meeting February 13th, 2020, Bring your FOOD PHOTO!

Meeting adjourned at 9pm

Submitted by H. Delahunt, Secretary