Sunday, October 20, 2019

Photo Walk - October 2019 - Street Photography

Sun City Photo Walk, October 18, 2019 – Street Photography

Five Photo Club members (Luise Brown, Helen Delahunt, Jan Whiting, Dale Kavula, and Diane Frankenfield) put on their walking shoes for the October photo walk at the Fremont Street Experience and downtown Las Vegas.  We photographed historic neon signs along with many Halloween very scary and gory displays at the Fremont Street Experience.  We did a little street photography with the many diverse and interesting characters.  

We continued on past the Fremont Street East sign and walked the streets to discover the incredible street art.  Murals were painted on buildings and unusual surfaces for the celebration of “Life is Beautiful” Festival.  This artwork tells stories and represents the soul of Las Vegas.  The visual beauty of this interesting art form attracts people from all over to the world to photograph.  The murals act as a backdrop for engagements, special occasions, memories of their visit, portraits etc. or they can be a just plain fun to see.   

After our walk, we stopped and had a delicious lunch at the famous EAT restaurant on Carson Street.  Unfortunately the Donut Bar sold out of donuts.  The sign on the door said Friday 7am-Soldout.  They say this is the best place to get donuts. Maybe one day we will get there before they are sold-out! 

Here is a link for interesting background information about the murals in downtown Las Vegas: 

There will not be a Photo Walk during November due to the preparations for our Annual Photo Show on November 16.  More information on the Photo Walk for December coming soon!

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