Saturday, November 24, 2018


Joyce O'Keefe,
Portrait by Cliff Rourke

Thanks to dedicated Photo Club volunteers, we put on one of our best-ever Photo Shows on November 17.

After Joel Lugavere talked with his friends in the Art Club, who agreed to loan us a large number of their easels, Judith Filangeri snagged all five meeting rooms at Desert Vista, which considerably enlarged the space for our show. This ultimately allowed the approximately 200 prints to be displayed in a gracious manner. No longer were they cramped next to — almost on top of — one another, or found sitting on the floor. This year the over 200 visitors had plenty of elbow room to walk around while viewing our photographic efforts. Chairs strategically placed throughout the room allowed for both conversations and a respite from standing. 

We began our preparations for the show sooner this year. On April 29, twelve Photo Club members met to form the Photo Show Committee which decided on tasks, divided up activities and organized sub-committees with specific responsibilities. Over the following months these groups worked on financing, the layout and display at the show, the photo contest, public relations and day-of-show scheduling. 

Kathy Kirby and her photo display sub-committee worked hard to raise the professional appearance of our show by standardizing mats, photo title tags and holders for the prints. Dennis Filangeri located new, functional hangers for all the mats, as well as handsome slip-on title tag holders. Meanwhile, Don LeHeup checked and repaired our older photo stands. 

As a result, we avoided some of the previous years’ last-minute scrambles and less-than-desirable display situations. 

Joel created an eye-catching poster to advertise the Photo Show as well as a handsome new flyer to promote our club’s activities. 

Meanwhile, with her usual project-manager efficiency, Judith held it all together by keeping everyone on track to produce results on schedule, while interfacing with CCOC (SCSAI clubs) management.  

When the show opened at 10 am on Saturday, Nov 17, we were ready. 

Diane Frankenfield - Lunar Eclipse
Many visitors commented on how difficult it was to choose “Just one ‘Best in Show’ photo.” When all the votes had been counted, Diane Frankenfield’s stunning “Lunar Eclipse - Calico Basin” was the clear winner. Across a dark sky arced the moon’s varying colors, in a series of time-paced shots which demonstrated both Diane’s photographic skill and her patience. 
Dean Otteson - Arch
Don Lytton - Reflections

Two runners-up for “Best in Show” were not out-of-this-world, but both took viewers on a journey outside Vegas. Don Lytton’s “Sidewalk Reflections, Venice, Italy” and Dean Otteson’s “Delicate Arch, Utah” were vibrant and evocative.

One of our newer members, Cliff Rourke, provided a unique contribution. Cliff is a professional portrait photographer; he offered to bring his portable studio to the Photo Show. For a $15 donation to the club, Cliff provided portraits of interested attendees. This resulted in a nice boost to our treasury. We're delighted that Cliff has agreed to return next year.

When it was discovered there would be sufficient space for a TV screen with a rolling slide show, at the last minute Norm Wright put together a presentation watched by many visitors.
By himself, all day long, Adrian Cole adroitly handled sales of photos and photo-cards, netting the club extra revenue for our activities.

On the day of the big event, 22 club members — almost half our total current membership — volunteered to help do everything from set-up to tear-down to answering questions from visitors. 
Special Kudos to the most dedicated of our Photo Club members who spent all day (from shortly after 8:00 am to 4 pm) at the Photo Show:

  • Dennis Filangeri
  • Dale Kavula 
  • Joel Lugavare 
  • Cliff Rourke
  • Norm Wright. 
Approximately half our members submitted photos for the show this year. 

If you did not, please give serious thought to doing so in 2019. Although the limit per photographer was 10 prints, it’s OK to submit only a few, if you wish — even one is fine. Other members would like to see your work, and you will learn from the process of participation. 

If you did not volunteer for the Photo Show in 2018, think about what you might do in 2019. There are many fun ways to put your talents to good use while you enjoy working with your fellow Photo Club members on a worthwhile project. You can help with advance preparations for the show, even if you will be out of town on the day of the event.

The 2019 Photo Show is scheduled to take place on Saturday, November 16th.
We have already reserved all five meeting rooms at Desert Vista, and are looking forward to another fun Photo Show.

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  1. Great article Joyce, you captured the day and all the work the club members did to make it a success!

    Thanks, Norm