Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chinese New Year 2017 - Field Trip Anyone?

Thank you Dale Kavula for researching this. Chinese New Year of the Rooster starts on January 28. There will be many celebrations throughout Las Vegas providing excellent opportunities for shutterbugs to get some award winning photos.

For more information about this year's events go to the website at: www.lasvegas-how-to.com/chinese-new-year-in-las-vegas.php.


  1. I'd love to participate in this (not lead, though, sorry!) If someone's coordinating, please let me know when and where.

  2. On Feb 4th we will meet at Desert Vista at 1:15 to go on a Photo Shoot for Chinese New Year at the Suncoast. We will car pool over for those who do not want to drive. A special spot will be set up for us in front of BriggsOyster Company which will be closed at 2:00 pm where we will gather. The Suncoast has set up for the dancers to highlight their dance in front of the restaurant where an area will be set aside for us to photograph them. The dancers will feed the dragon fake money and dragon lettuce. This spot will be great for Photos. Remember fast shutter speed will capture the shot but a slow shutter speed does motion. We will have time to get our settings by arriving early. Tripods are allowed as well mono pods. The dancers move fast so it might be difficult to use a tripod We will not be able to follow them around the casino. Dale Kavula