Creating a Zoom Account

In order to use Zoom for a virtual (online/conference call meeting you need to have Zoom on your computer. You can download it when you first join a Zoom meeting or you can create a free Zoom account (recommended) to avoid having to go through the loading hassle anytime you need to use it.

Zoom will allow you to do both voice and video calls. It may be possible to use a dial in for voice, but due to extensive use during the 2020 Plague Zoom may restrict dial in service for 'free' accounts.

  • Complete the sign-up process: You can use an existing online service such as Google or Facebook to log in.
  • Download the application to your computer--we recommend that you keep the icon on you desktop or other place where you will be able to access it.
  • Once you have an account, you should test it to see how it works on your system by trying to set up a call with someone you love who has zoom.

 Sharing a Zoom Screen


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